About Us

Elements® is the U.S. division of parent company Neopharm, dedicated to introduce our best products redesigned and repackaged for the U.S. marketplace

What we do

We produce original, next-generation, condition-specific supplements, designed to target top health concerns.


We are dedicated to creating excellent products that have significant advantages and offer benefits that contribute to substantial improvement in consumers’ lives for circumstances in which previously available solutions were unsatisfactory.


We are focused on science and efficiency. Our company’s motto, “Driven by science, focused on health” embodies our strong belief in clinically validated approach to better nutrition.


We develop each new product based on the latest scientific achievements with the help of our partners, renowned scientists and practitioners from the Medical University's Pharmaceutical Faculty and the Bulgarian Academy of Science, so that before every launch, we are convinced that we are launching the best product in the world in its category.


Neopharm is a European Company founded in 1996 with its head office in Bulgaria. 
Currently, Neopharm has developed more than 35 original products under its own registered trademark, five of which are brand leaders in their categories on the local market.


All products are made in a state-of-the-art facility, certified by the highest standard in the European Union, ISO 22000-2005, which is equivalent to GMP in the USA.


We use only the best raw materials, which we carefully select from world’s best suppliers. Some ingredients we produce by ourselves in our own facility using raw materials from ecologically clean areas. We always provide clean and transparent labels.

And finally, we do it all with passion for better nutrition and better health.